5 reasons why you should explore your local area

Hi all and welcome back to tmdancer! I hope you are all keeping well in the first winter month of the year. The weather here in Ireland is definitely getting chillier but that’s not stopping me from doing what I love to do and explore and take pictures of what I do and see. In fact one of my goals for 2018 (I know it’s a bit early to be planning for 2018 resolutions) but that I have started to implement already is to visit at least one new place a week or do one new thing each week. So this week I started right at my back door, Monasterboice cemetery and round tower. This is a historical hot spot in Ireland’s ancient east and it is a stones throw from my house, yet I’ve never fully appreciated it. Sure I was there when I was in school and with my mam and granny throughout my childhood but I had never really looked around and taken in the spectacular sights to be seen there. So from now on once a week I am going to visit somewhere close to my own home town and take in all of the wonder that it has to offer.


And here are 5 reasons why I think you should do the same:

  1. People travel from abroad to come here

No matter where you live there are sights to be seen and places to explore. And people come from abroad to explore these places! And you, who lives close by has never been and couldn’t tell the people who travelled hundreds or thousands of mile to see this area anything about it. If it is good enough for people to travel from overseas to here, it warrants an exploration by you, the local. People may dream of exploring your local area. It could be on their bucket list for years and when they finally get to explore it, they are elated. Think of your local area as a place you have on your own bucket list too and get excited to tick it off the list too.


2. To be more knowledgeable about your locality

I think as we grow older, we get hungry for knowledge. When we are in school and are forced to learn about history, geography, languages and maths, most people have no interest in it and rebel and refuse to learn. Then as we grow older we usually regret not taking advantage of the knowledge that was put before us. So regret no more and learn about your local area.


3. Appreciate the seasons

We could return to Monasterboice cemetery in December and it would look completely different to what we witnessed at the end of October. Last week when we explored the cemetery we saw a flurry of autumnal colours as the leaves fell from the trees and littered the ground with fantastic colour. December would show a beautiful white frost twinkling on the tower and Muirdeach’s Cross while spring would see the green reappearing on the overhanging branches. If like me you love to take photographs, a return visit each season will make for different perspectives of the attraction.


4. Support Local

It is always nice to support local sights, attractions and services. Why go further afield for a date or family day out when you can give your business to those who are local and are working so hard to build up a reputation.


5. Same sightseeing experience and less travel cost

There is a possibility that there is as much to explore and sight see in your own back yard as there is in the country that you fly hundreds of miles to discover. So if you want to feel like you are tourist, just go to the ‘touristy’ areas of your locality and start exploring.

pic 1

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Tm-Dancer x x


  1. I totally need to take advantage of exploring my local area! Last week, I met a couple from a different state who was exploring the highest point in our state (it’s practically in my backyard!) So I need to go visit there myself again, it’s been over a year since my last visit!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

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  2. This is really good perspective. I write a travel blog too, and it wasn’t until I was about 30 posts in that I realized I hadn’t done a post about Philadelphia, which is where I live. I think we all tend to take the place we live for granted.

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  3. This is so true! It wasn’t until I spent a month working at a gas station that I learned people came from literally ALL OVER THE WORLD to our town for birdwatching! A tiny 1,000 pop town in Southeast Texas! It’s insane what you learn when you explore your own areas.


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