Key West- My Bucket List

Hi all and welcome back to Tm-Dancer. Today I am blogging about my Key West Bucket list. Some of these things I have been fortunate enough to tick off the list, others are on the list for when we return to Key West in the future. As we live so far away from the United States, we feel like a trip there would no longer be complete without a quick getaway to Key West to finish it off.

  1. Drive to Key West from mainland America

We drove from Miami down to Key West in a rental car. The drive down through the Keys is phenomenal. We stopped in Key Largo and had lunch in ‘The First Tiki Bar’ in the Florida Keys. We arrived there around noon on a Sunday and the place was hopping. There was a full live 4 piece band playing music and the cocktails were flowing. There were beautiful beaches where you could dip your toes in the ocean also. The food was mediocre but the atmosphere made up for that 10 fold.

2. The Most Southerly Point in the United States

This was just around the corner from the hotel we were staying in. It is worth a look. It is basically a massive buoy on land with the most southerly point written on it. You’ll know you are close when you see people queueing and you don’t quite know why. They are waiting for their turn for an uninterrupted selfie with the buoy.

3. Happy Hour at the Reach a Waldorf Astoria hotel

We stayed at this resort and I can’t praise it highly enough. I say that happy hour is worth going as the discounts received on drinks during this happy hour are 50% on some drinks and they also do discounts on some food too. MY husband was getting cans of beer at the bar for $2.50 during happy hour.

4. New York Pasta Garden

We were on a 6 week honeymoon so needless to say we ate in many restaurants. This restaurant in Key West was by far the best dining experience we had on our trip. The decor is spectacular, twinkling fairy lights, white table cloths and black chairs and some colourful parrots chattering in the trees to add a bit more ambiance. We ate here twice and both times were equally exquisite. It is an Italian restaurant so think pastas, pizzas, steaks, and salads. We both opted for different pasta dishes both nights and we were never disappointed. The wine is pricey but we got a bottle of Pinot Grigio for about $23 so that wasn’t too bad. The waiter brought us out some complimentary appetisers from the chef. They were stuffed artichokes and they were delicious. The highlight of my meal was the bread the waiter also brought out.They are basically dough balls doused in garlic butter and garlic chunks. You will be stinking of garlic as you leave but it is so worth it. The service is second to none also.

5. Dry Tortugas National Park

This was something I was hoping to do while we were there but unfortunately we left it too late to book and couldn’t get a ticket. The next time I am going to Key West I will be booking this tour as soon as I book my flights!

dry tortugas 1

6. Rent bicycles

The town is very easy to cycle around. There are not many bike lanes but drivers seem to be used to cyclists and so it felt very safe to cycle around. Just bring plenty of water (a mistake we made). One stop we made along the way was in Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park. There is a $2.50 per person admission fee when you are walking or cycling. Inside the park there is a nice beach with complimentary sun loungers and then there is Fort Zachary itself. An old military fort which you are free to explore high and low.

7. Sunset in Mallory Square

It was sunset pier which we chose to watch the sunset in. We arrived around 5.30pm as we were told if you were not there early you would not get a good view. Never a truer word was spoken. The place was deserted when we got here so we got our pick of tables. We got a lovely view of the setting sun with the added bonus of a fan to keep us cool in the 30degree heat. By the time it hit 7pm, (sun set that particular day was 7.35pm) the pier was jam packed. There was a band playing, waiters were running around making sure everybody always had their tipple of choice and we all watched as the day came to an end with the most beautiful sunset I had ever witnessed.

8. Ernest Hemmingways house

The only reason we didn’t do this on this trip was that we had already visited a number of houses, plantations etc. and we didn’t have a huge interest in seeing anymore. But when I go back to Key West this will be visited for sure.


9. Snorkelling

I have never snorkelled before and it is something that is still high on my bucket list. And I feel there are not many places more ideal for snorkelling than Key West.


10. Have some Key Lime pie

No trip to Key West would be complete without sampling some of this famous dessert. It’s so tasty. But be warned, be choosy about where you have it. If it costs $2 it will taste like it costs $2! Splurge the you are in the New York Pasta Garden, and you will not be disappointed.

I hope this bucket list was helpful to you guys! If you go to Key West tag me in your photos on Instagram @tracys_travels 🙂


Tracy x x


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