Graceland- the planes and cars

Hi and welcome back to Tm-Dancer! Today I have another blog post about my day trip to Graceland, this time talking about Elvis’s planes and cars!

One of the highlights of our Graceland experience was the access to Elvis’s plane collection. In order to board the planes you must purchase a VIP ticket. In my opinion it is well worth the extra charge to experience this. The best thing about this part of the tour is that you get to board each plane and explore them at your own pace. There is no tour guide telling you to move along and you can take as many pictures as you like!

There are two planes which you can board, the Lisa Marie and a smaller plane.



The Lisa Marie is a full size plane with several different rooms. These images show the cockpit, Elvis’s wardrobe, one of the bathrooms with a gold plated sink, and two of the seating areas.



Below you can see two more seating areas, a full size dining table with leather chairs and a bar.


The last room in the plane is the bedroom with a full size double bed and a dressing area with a bulb lined mirror.


You can actually walk under and around each plane and get the feel of how big they actually are.


The smaller plane is not as majestic but is a very comfortable private plane with yellow and green chairs.



It is definitely worth the extra charge to see these planes. You can spend as much time exploring them as you want but there will more than likely be a queue behind you.

Our next stop on the Graceland map was the car showroom. I was so excited to see Elvis’s pink Cadillac and it was not a disappointment!


The pink Cadillac was only one of many cars in Elvis’s collection. The collection included a Mercedes Benz, a Rolls Royce, a Limo, and many more.


You would be forgiven for thinking that must be the end of the transport showrooms but the next showroom which was adjoining the motor showroom was filled with motor bikes, sleighs, sledges, push bikes, a John Deere tractor, just to name a few. These show rooms need to be seen to be believed.



Thanks for reading my post. For more photos from Graceland follow my instagram page @tm_dancer89


Tm-Dancer x x


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