Graceland- The Mansion

On our first day of honeymoon we had booked in to do a full day (16 hour) trip from Nashville to Memphis taking in Graceland, Sun Studio and Beale Street in Memphis. You can check out my other posts on Sun Studios and Beale Street.

Unknown to us when we arrived in Graceland Elvis Week was in full swing. Elvis’s 40th anniversary week to be more specific. All this meant to us was that there were more people than usual around, the facility itself had some extra events scheduled throughout the day and there were lots of tributes to the King like those in the photos below all around the grounds.

We had VIP tickets which I can’t emphasise how very handy they were on such a busy day. We were able to skip the lines and generally save time as we wandered around the grounds. Purchasing the VIP tickets also gives you access to the planes in Graceland which were one of the highlights of the grounds. You can check out my post on Graceland-the planes for more about that! You also get a nice ticket, map and lanyard which make really cute souvenirs!

After getting a picture taken which can be purchased if you want, we were given an iPad and a headset which would serve as our guide as we toured the mansion and the grounds immediately around the mansion. We then boarded a VIP bus which took us straight up to the mansion (across the road from the visitor centre).

The first thing you do at the mansion is watch a short 7 minute video about the life of Elvis. It’s very interesting and shows you many photographs of Elvis and his family. After the video in your group you are brought to the front door of the mansion and enter into the house here. You then begin to use your iPad and headset and listen to some information about each room.


When you enter on your right you are showed the living room which includes the biggest couch I have ever seen. The decor in this front room is beautiful and is still fashionable today.


You can then take in the magnificent staircase.

Down the hall and on the right you can see Elvis’s parents bedroom.


Back down the hallway and we see the dining room with a dining table which is my dream dinner party decor. Lisa Marie Presley and her family still come to Graceland and dine at this table for Thanksgiving.


The kitchen is the next room. It is a typical 70’s decorated kitchen with all the mod cons.


I loved this mirror lined hallway which lead to the basement.

Elvis converted the basement into a living room, fitted out with 3 TV’s and a beautiful corner suite!


The games room is completely covered in curtain material, roof, walls and then a carpeted floor. It contains a pool table. I have to admit, I did’t like the decor of this room. It made me anxious to think that there is fabric in absolutely every inch of the room. Although I didn’t like the room, I could appreciate the magnificence of it.

The final room in the house which you can access is the famous Jungle Room. There’s not much I can say about this room except look at the pictures! Words just don’t do this room justice! The wall with the red uplighter is a waterfall!


Outside the mansion you can take in the sights of the magnificent grounds and gardens of the mansion, with horses grazing in a field.


Back on the bus, a short 4 minute bus ride and we are back in the visitor centre of Graceland.

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who is in the Memphis vicinity. Even if you are not a massive Elvis fan (like myself and Gary) you will throughly enjoy what Graceland has to offer.

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it! For more pictures of Graceland follow me on Instagram @tm_dancer89


Tm-Dancer x x

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