Honeymoon Series – Nashville, what we did in the city

Hi all,

Welcome back to Tm-Dancer! Today’s post is travel blog 1 from my dream honeymoon! I went on a 6 week honeymoon with my husband a few days after we got married in August! First stop on our travels- Nashville, Tennessee! I was amazed by how many times we got asked by locals why we came to Nashville on our travels?! Why not?!, was our response. As a couple we are lucky to enjoy a lot of the same things, exploring unknown lands being top of both of our lists! So Nashville for a week to start our honeymoon it was!

  1. Bicentennial State Capitol Mall Park

So day 1 saw us going for a random walk! We were staying in Downtown Nashville in the Hilton Doubletree, so a 15 minute walk got us to Bicentennial State Capitol Mall Park! A beautiful park filled with green areas and monuments. We were lucky to happen upon a 19th century baseball tournament taking place in the park. It was a surreal experience and we loved every second of it! From trying to understand the old rules to the bell ringing when a team scored. The teams even dressed in 19th century clothes and drank water from copper cups.


Exploring the park brought our attention to some beautiful sights, from a giant map of Tennessee carved into stone on the ground and the point where all of the Tennessee’s road markings are measured from to a collection of bell towers which play out songs at certain times throughout the day.


Across the road from the park there is a building which has a food court with endless choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Next to the food court there is a wonderful farmers market. I could have spent all day wandering around looking at all of the fresh food and flower stalls here!


2. Centennial State Park 

This park is again filled with brilliant sights (even if it happens to be pouring rain while you’re exploring). A wander through this park will bring you through colourful gardens, past a magnificent lake and of course The Parthenon- a full size replica of the Greek building.


3. Sky Blue Cafe 

One morning we decided to take a stroll to East Nashville for breakfast. I had heard that there was an amazing place for breakfast in this area called Sky Blue Cafe! It was the most delicious breakfast I have ever had, Banana Nutella French Toast Pancakes!



4. Shelby Bottom Park 

After our amazing breakfast, we took a stroll a bit further east down to Shelby Bottom Park. This is a beautiful green area in the city with a playground for children, a lake and plenty of cycling and walking trails. We decided to venture down one of these trails. Thirty minutes into a walk down this trail and we could have been in the depts of the jungle for all we knew. A pesky bug decided to attack our faces constantly swooping into our cheeks from the back of our heads every time we were sure we had lost him. About 30 minutes later and we finally emerged from the wilderness feeling like we had run a marathon! In hindsight it was a lovely trail. I would just say not to go without bug spray and bring plenty of water.


5. Broadway 

Broadway is a long road with bars, restaurants and shops all along it. There are a few bars that I would highly recommend checking out while in Nashville. Tootsies is a 3 storey bar with live music on each floor. The top floor is by far the best and really is not to be missed. Two other bars we loved were Tin Roof and the Tequila Cowboy. For really cheap drinks Big Shotz would be one of the best.


6. Hattie B’s Chicken and Division Street 

We waited in line for an hour to get this fast food chicken in Nashville down near Division Street and it was worth every second of the wait. You choose what spice level you want on the chicken and what portion size you want. Portion sizes are generous and sodas come with free refills.

Although I have no photos of Division Street I really would recommend you to go there if you want to get a feel of where to locals socialise and the drinks are much cheaper than on Broadway.

7. Vanderbilt University 

If like me you are a little bit obsessed with university campuses and cliche American college movies then you will love a trip to Vanderbilt University. As we walked towards the campus the streets were lined with sorority and fraternity houses. I would love to see this area of Nashville during term time. I imagine there would be a real hustle and bustle about the area with student hurrying to classes during the day and parties at night!

The campus itself is beautiful with many red brick buildings and a large sports stadium. We went to a pharmacy close to the campus to get a drink and I got so excited to see all of the university memorabilia for sale.

We were disappointed that we didn’t make it to The Grand Ole Opry, but we will be back some day to see it! I hope you liked this post! If you did please click the like button and follow my blog for more posts like this one!


Tm-Dancer x x

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