I finally took the leap…

Hi and welcome to the first blog post of Tm-Dancer! This may be my first official post but this is something that I have been thinking and dreaming about for many years, far too many years really! There is only one person who I spoke to about blogging being a dream of mine and that is my new husband! My rock, my life, the person I can talk to about anything and he will never judge or ridicule me! No matter how random or ‘out there’ my ideas are, he will always take me seriously and say “ok, how can we make this happen?”  I know, I’m a very lucky woman! 🙂

Taken in Salem, Halloween 2016

As lucky as I am to have a wonderful supportive man in my life, my own mind can be one of my biggest critics. The main reason I haven’t started this blog before is because of the fear I have of what people will think of me. If they will think I am being idiotic or think that I am trying to be something I am not. And to be honest I can’t pinpoint what has changed other than I don’t want this to be just a dream anymore, I want to give it my all and see what I can make of it!

So that is why I’m here! To finally realise a dream of mine! Will it work? Will it be what I imagined? Will anybody be interested? Who knows?! But if I don’t try I will always wonder what if! And that is not how I want to live my life! I want to have no regrets and always try to live a happy and fulfilled life!

no regrets mine

So who am I? I am a 28 year old from Louth in Ireland. I studied in the University of Limerick to become a PE and Irish teacher. After graduating I worked as an Irish teacher in secondary schools for 4 years. During my fourth year as an Irish teacher, I was in a car crash which led to me battling depression and anxiety and needing a surgery to remove a slipped disk in my back. After this, I found it difficult and near impossible to work with teenagers. My mental health was not strong enough to deal with the the constant battle I faced going in to teach Irish to children who didn’t want to learn the language. So I took some time out, to work on myself and to start to feel like a version of myself again. About 4 months later I got offered a job working in a creche and I took it. I did some more study, this time in early childhood care and education. I completed my FETAC level 6 in ECCE. I was eager to learn more about the sector I was immersed in, so I took on to do my level 8 part time while still working. I graduated from IT Carlow with a First Class Honours degree in Early Childhood Care and Education. I am now an assistant manager in the creche and as much as I love this work, I want something more.

tm dancer

Ok so I have rambled on quite a bit there about myself, but you’re probably wondering why you are here?! What are you going to be able to read in this blog? Well I can’t do anything but write about the things I know and love. So blogs will be about:

  1. Travel- Places I’ve been, what I’ve loved and loathed, bucket lists and my honeymoon
  2. Weddings – Now that I am married and the planning process is done for me, I am not ready to give up the excitement of wedding research just yet. So I will do it for the blog
  3. Interiors– I am currently saving to buy a house with my husband so home interiors research is a massive part of my life right now
  4. Fashion and beauty- This is fourth on my list for a reason. I love fashion and beauty but I would in no way think I am an expert in this area. Any posts in this section will be opinion based and won’t be advice but just things that I am loving and enjoying and that I think some readers might like as well

I am organisation freak and I’m a stickler for routine and schedules so I will be posting 2 blog posts a week, on Monday and Fridays evenings.

As much as this is a personal blog, I am also writing for the (hopefully) readers. So who do I think will enjoy this blog? Travel enthusiasts, future brides and grooms, interior decoration lovers and those who love fashion and beauty. The fashion aspects I will be focusing on will be high street, especially Penneys. As I said before I am not an expert, I just love shopping. One of my obsessions is designer bags! I don’t own many at the minute but a girl can dream and work her ass off to eventually achieve her dream! The same can be said for the beauty side of the blog!

Initially my goals for this blog are to write about what I know and love and build a solid reader base. I want to write interesting engaging posts that leave you the reader wanting my next post to be published! Beyond that at the moment is a far fetched dream, so maybe in the not so distant future I will update you with 6 months goals for the blog! We’ll work hard and we’ll see!


So as future readers of my blog, I would love if you wanted to interact with me. Comments are welcomed and very much appreciated, be they positive or constructive criticism. I would also love if you would interact with me on Instagram, follow my page and like or comment on my pictures. Stay tuned for more social media links. It’s a work in progress! 🙂 I can also be contacted through my email: tmdancerblog@gmail.com

If you made it to the end of this post, thank you! 🙂 And I hope you come back for more on Friday!


Tm-Dancer x x



  1. Hey! I’m really happy that you decided to take the leap and start something that you’ve been dreaming to do! Honestly I was on the same boat as well, I was so worried about what will others think of me & my blog posts.. but I decided to take the leap as well and just go for it! I’m really glad that you decided to take some time off due to your accident trauma and depression, it really is important to work on your mental health and be a better version of yourself! 🙂

    All the best in your blog! I know you won’t regret this decision! 🙂

    x chelle

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  2. Congrats for taking the courage to start! That was a very good move, good for you, and I am proud of you! Also, congrats on the new husband! Yes, you are a lucky woman and you have always been! Keep developing! Once you start, you will not want to stop! We all have been there! Goooood luck and welcome abroad sister!

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